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Tips On Storing


5 Things You Should Do

Buy You Are Going To Eat

Don’t try to buy produce to last for a week. It may not last that long. Some root veggies can last a month, if stored properly, but fresher, more fragile fruits and veggies will only last about 2-5 days.

Store Food In Complete Wholeness

When you pull fruits and vegetables apart, you break the cells. So, avoid breaking the skin and leave the stem intact.

Check Stored Fruits And Vegetables Often

Throw away items that show signs of spoilage such as mold or slime.

Storing Various Types of Fruits And Veggies With The Right Partners

Some give off high levels of ethylene gas, which makes them and everything around them ripen or decay quickly. Keep these types of foods separate from each other. Put things like kale and spinach in the same bin, and peaches and apples in another. If you put fruit with greens, it can cause the greens to rot or turn yellow in a few days. Greens are very sensitive to the ethylene gas.

Keep Root Veggies In Cool, Dark, Dry Place

They can last up to a month if kept properly. Never store potatoes in the refrigerator, because they will develop much higher sugar content.

5 Things You Shouldn't Do

Do Not Buy Items That Are Bruised, Damaged, Moldy Or Show Signs Of Insect Damage

Bruises and cuts may allow pathogens to enter a fruit or vegetable. Damaged fruits and vegetables may also spoil faster. If good-quality fresh produce is not available,
it may be better to choose canned or frozen fruits and vegetables. Check the use-by dates on packages of pre-cut fruits and vegetables, and be sure to choose fresh
items and to eat them by this date.

Do Not Include Fruits And Vegetables From Raw Beef, Poultry, Fish and Seafood In Refrigerator

Place raw meats on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator in a tray or pan. This will prevent blood or juices from dripping onto fresh produce.

Do Not Wash Before Storage

Instead, wash them when you are ready to use them. If the produce is very dirty, rinse it and then dry it well before storing it

Do Not Place Fruits And Veggies In Airtight Bags

This will actually speed up decay. Compost or toss out any spoiled produce immediately as they can quickly spoil the whole group.

Do not Place Heavy Items On Top Of Fruits and Vegetables

Bruising can cause spoilage.


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